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An Open-Source Approach to Business Intelligence

February 2nd, 2010

Since Microsoft discontinued PerfromacePoint Planning, it is slightly unclear what is their strategy in this field. I have made a few suggestions in the past, some of which:

  • Stored-Procedure write-back from Excel
  • SSAS write-back from Excel
  • Better support for dimensional and measure group write-back

Whether, when and how these may get implemented is an open question. I firmly believe that we should continue learning from any possible source – including our competitors. This is why I am quite interested in any possibility to extend my knowledge in the BI space regardless of who is presenting the ideas and solutions.

Being lucky as I am, I received an open invite to the PALO Australia Roadshow 2010, presented by a company I recently posted about – Naked Data. In a brief, what you can expect from PALO and the presentation is:

  • In-memory MOLAP
  • Rule-based forecasting and planning
  • Some sci-fi GPU parallel processing
  • Integration with Excel (PALO formulas and Pivot tables)
  • .NET API
  • Free breakfast

I will be there trying to get some ideas for my future forecasting and planning implementations. Seats are limited, so make sure you register soon!

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